The length of time does a County Court Judgement final?

County Court Judgements are suggested as either unsatisfied or satisfied regarding the Court join. ‘Satisfied’ signifies that the judgment happens to be reduced in complete, while ‘unsatisfied’ means your debt (or section of it) have not yet been repaid satisfactorily.

If you should be a debtor (legitimately, ‘The Defendant’) and generally are ambiguous regarding the instance, you possibly can make this recognized to the court by calling them, quoting your instance quantity. The Court enroll doesn’t include information on the claimant (the creditor who has got taken this step although you can get this information from the county court where the case is presented against you.

The data that comprises the enroll is:

  • Your address and name(due to the fact defendant)
  • Details of the court and situation number
  • The balance due and date of enrollment
  • If relevant, the satisfaction details (once the court notifies the Court Registry Trust)

If you’ve gotten a CCJ, this can possess some complicated and unpleasant ramifications for your needs if it is perhaps not taken out of your personal credit record. Continue reading The length of time does a County Court Judgement final?