Hongbao giving.A hongbao (or ang pow in Hokkien)

by Azizah Sidek

A hongbao (or ang pow in Hokkien) is something special of cash packed as a red packet. Red is regarded as an expression of fortune, life and delight. Hongbaos receive as tokens of great desires during auspicious occasions such as for example Chinese brand New 12 months and weddings. 1 History There are two main legends about present cash in ancient Asia. In just one of them, the Eight Immortals transform themselves into coins to greatly help a couple that is elderly their son from the demon called Sui. In the eve of Chinese brand New 12 months, these eight coins had been covered with red paper and placed directly under the child’s pillow to ward the demon off. Moms and dads https://besthookupwebsites.org/heated-affairs-review/ fundamentally adopted this training and would provide their kiddies cash covered with red paper, that has been termed ya sui qian (money that may suppress the demon). 2 This term, nonetheless, has become comprehended as “money given to kids by their elders”. 3

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