Getting propane: it is easier than you believe

Wish to begin enjoying the great things about gas? It’s easier than you may think: you are able to request a normal gasoline line installation online, pay as little as $15, and also the installation is typically completed in under each and every day. Afterward, our team shall restore your home to its initial condition.

Cost for gas installation

It costs as low as $15 to have attached to gas that is natural

The cost is dependent on the exact distance from our gas line that is mainpositioned under roadways) into the location where your propane meter should be set up.

  • $15 for the initial 25 metres
  • $125 for every metre that is additional

We measure through the center regarding the road to your location where your gasoline meter shall be.

For instance: if you’re found on a 20 metre-wide road, we’ll need certainly to install 10 metres of gas line through the gas primary to your home line. In the event that distance from your own home line to your gasoline meter location is 15 metres or less, that means we’re installing a complete of 25 metres or less of gas line, that will only run you $15:

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