What exactly is a Friend with Benefits you might ask? A Friend-With-Benefits offers you all the advantages or “booty” a old-fashioned relationship possesses, and none associated with downsides.

Both you and your lover that is secret agree the start on regularity and content of visits after which erotically enhance each other’s life.

To guarantee the discreet that is most, safe, and satisfying encounters, listed here are our suggested guidelines and directions for an memorable Friends-With-Benefits rendez-vous.

1. Establish Tips.

This guarantees both of you enter the arrangement with the exact same priorities and exact same objective. If either of you had been secretly gaga within the other, this can be never ever planning to work.

Set up frequency of “dates”, everything you anticipate from visits, and any boundaries or “no-no areas” each one of you’ve got.

Discuss kinks, dreams, and don’t stray to many other subjects. There clearly was one goal right right here, and that is an explosive encounter for the the two of you.

2. Be Safe.

Utilize protection, contraception, safe-words, ‘the works’. It’s always safer to be over prepared than ill-prepared.

Carry condoms with you, get regular STD screenings at the very least every six months, or even after each and every brand new partner. Continue reading 10 GUIDELINES FOR BUDDIES WITH BENEFITS WITH NO STRING ATTACHED SEX